LDO Millennium Mill Milo v1.5
The Millennium Machines Milo is an open-source project for DIYers to create a reliable, low cost and powerful desktop CNC mill on their own terms. The mill is designed to have the ability to cut aluminium but is also capable of cutting a vast range of softer materials such as composites, woods and plastics.
£ 1,249.99 1249.99 GBP
LDO Positron V3.2
Upside-down, compact, portable, and super fast 3D printer - Positron V3 has it all.
£ 679.99 679.99 GBP
LDO Voron 0.2
The Voron Zero is a traditional CoreXY design with the bed moving along the Z axis. It has a tiny 120mm^3 print area, built with 1515 extrusions. It encloses naturally so printing ABS is possible. Currently, all single mechanical parts for Trident and V2 can be printed on a Voron Zero bed. The design accounts for stock Makerbeam XL extrusion lengths (which come tapped) and standard MGN7 linear rail lengths, so scaling the design will start to increase cost or labor involved with tapping. The bed is also cantilevered which will also restrict scaling. Current release is V0.2r1.
£ 629.00 629.0 GBP
LDO Voron SwitchWire Kit RevC
The Switchwire is a Voron take on a classic Mendel (aka “bedslinger”) design. It is a CoreXZ design so the print head is belt driven in both the X and Z axis eliminating the typical leadscrew Z drive allowing for very fast Z movement speeds and less weight on the gantry by moving the X motor to the frame. The stiff 3030/3060 constructed frame is just large enough to cover the entire swing of the Prusa 250x210mm bed and allows for a natural enclosure.
£ 849.99 849.99 GBP
LDO Voron V2.4 Rev C
The Voron V2 is a modified CoreXY design with a static bed and a gantry that moves along the Z axis. It is a much more complex build because it includes things such as 4-point gantry tramming to align to the print surface, more stepper motors and other unique features. It is also designed to be fully enclosed so it prints ABS or similar filaments very well. Due to the linear rails the design is scalable in stock form 250x250x220mm and 300x300x280mm all the way up to 350x350x330mm. More linear rails, larger print surface, and other V2-specific items make this printer more expensive.
£ 1,349.99 1349.99 GBP
LDO End Mill starter set
End mill collection with the basic types to get you started!
£ 39.99 39.99 GBP
£ 8.99 8.99 GBP
LDO Milo V1.5 FMJ Z Plate 120mm (Pair)
Aluminium machined structural Z plates.
£ 79.99 79.99 GBP
LDO Milo V1.5 Fixated Plate - Continental Breakfast Varian
Fixture plate with M5 tapped hole grid for use with Milo V1.5 or other CNC machines.
£ 89.99 89.99 GBP
£ 149.99 149.99 GBP
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