LDO Millennium Mill Milo v1.5


The Millennium Machines Milo is an open-source project for DIYers to create a reliable, low cost and powerful desktop CNC mill on their own terms. The mill is designed to have the ability to cut aluminium but is also capable of cutting a vast range of softer materials such as composites, woods and plastics.

Kit contents:
  • 120mm clearance Milo V1.5 parts (Including spindle & VFD)
  • 120mm Aluminium FMJ plates
  • Aluminium XY plate
  • Aluminium Z plate
  • End mill starter set
  • 123 Blocks
  • Dial indicator
  • Safety specs

What you need t​o source:

  • Printed parts
  • Vice or work holding equipment.

Useful Lin​ks:

Batch 3: Early July

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£ 1,249.99

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