About us

Our Mission

Enhance your hobby experience by sharing it with your loved ones.

To achieve this, we partner with local hobbyists who are passionate about their craft and provide unique and innovative products.

Where we started

Jake and Dave met during their time spent on the design team for the Millennium Machine team. When LDO took the project on board to create a kit they struggled to find a UK reseller with the appropriate knowledge base to provide support alongside sales. It was the opportunity they were waiting for. The idea that had been discussed over beers after rep rap festivals became a reality.

The Team

David Mason, Co-Founder

David has had a long career in the additive manufacturing industry, his own blog www.3dpandme.com and an endless desire to tinker. He currently manages the business and accounting side of Desktop Machine Shop. Full time puppy parent!

Jake England, Co-Founder

Jake likes machines that go brrrrrrrrrr, un-classicaly trained engineer and juggler extraordinaire. Jake is also the founder of the Millennium machine works project. Likes long walks in the mountains but don't feed him after midnight. He currently runs the DMS warehouse.